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We Are Creative People

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At RAVADA, we lead with design and architecture to provide a portfolio of next-generation contributions and services that blend our expertise with cutting-edge technology. Our domain contextualized offerings are embedded in the deep tech and Squad model. Our cross-functional teams are focused on bringing progress to our next-generation offerings.

The RAVADA Way of engagement helps us build and scale faster. We believe in „IT“ T, standing not just for technology but also for transformation combined with a strong understanding of your business requirements. Guided by the RAVADA Front2BackTM approach, we create hyper-personalized experiences and drive customer-centric transition.

What We Do
Our Approach
Strong partner on the path to digitalization

The RAVADA has been optimally attuned to the needs of customers and the requirements of the markets. With our Strategy we will continue to successfully develop this focus in the future: With our strategic foundation, IT and electronics, our increasingly important role as a system partner for machine automation, as well as our expertise in the area of digitalization. As a pioneer, our corporate is already addressing central themes of the future such as remote and predictive maintenance, digital twins, big data management, cloud and virtual reality.  

customer centric approach

Customer-centric enterprises bridge the businesses and the human sides of the story. Businesses listen, co-create and innovate to stay relevant in the ever-changing marketplace. 

Service Transformation

At RAVADA service Transformation solutions offer an integrated approach to enable enterprises to achieve scalable, digital, future-ready operations. 

market-driven innovations

As a team, we aim to research and innovate on emergent and market-driven innovations to keep our clients and market expectations to deliver satisfactory and qualitative solutions. 

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Let’s explore local services,
programs & initiatives.


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Opening Hours:

Mon – Fri: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm

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